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 Modern family photoThe GenerationsGo multigenerational travel niche is geared to today’s modern family, from LBGT to traditional, and to grownups 18 years and older. Our definition of “family” includes but is not restricted to biological families—rather, we see kin of all kind created by multi-generational friendships between adults of all ages.

We believe that travel, like music, unites the generations. Travel allows us to open new doors together; to share unforgettable experiences that cement our family ties; and  to learn not only about the world but about ourselves. Each time we dip our toes into a new travel experience, we expand our consciousness and open our minds. And for those of us who are housebound, virtual travel allows us to explore the world as well.


Modern family father daughterOlder generations have become close with their grownup kids in ways that are different from the relationships they had with their own parents. They’re friends as well as family and they flourish on their multi-generational energy. One thing that the different generations have in common is their desire for an authentic and enriching travel experience—whether it expands their artistic horizons; stretches their brains; challenges their athletic abilities; offers insight into different cultures; or simply affords the opportunity to relax and recharge away from the everyday grind.

Modern Family Deborah and SaraDeborah Batterman (boomer, Katonah, New York) and her daughter Sara Dolin (millennial, Los Angeles) are a case in point. During the past decade, they have vacationed together in destinations ranging from New Zealand to San Francisco, and are in the the process of planning their next multi-gen adventure. Deborah and Sara reflect the voices of their generations in their insightful and entertaining mother-daughter blog, “All the small things: A mother daughter diablog.” Read it here http://deborahbatterman.com/


GenerationsGo.com is a travel journalism website that covers trips, hotels, and getaways appropriate for grownup, time-stressed travelers; personal insights and observations about travel; and a variety of articles on interesting, off-the-beaten-path vacation options for the modern blended family. Press trips—premised on exposing writers to new paradigms of travel—are accepted and appreciated but our opinions are our own.

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Regina Baraban

Regina Baraban (boomer)  is a veteran magazine editor and the author of Successful Restaurant Design (John Wiley & Sons, Third Edition, 2010). She was the founding editor of Hospitality Design magazine; “Best Dressed Restaurants” columnist for Metropolis magazine; and editor of Financial & Insurance Meetings magazine. She writes frequently about travel, design, and the arts; is editor-at-large for MeetingsNet.com; and is content editor at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She lives in Newmarket, New Hampshire with a basic black wardrobe of no-iron travel clothes and too many shoes.


Andree Van Oss Andree Van Oss (millennial) is a graphic designer and creative director specializing in logo and branding identity, editorial/promotional layout, packaging, and photography art direction and styling. Having formerly worked in fashion public relations in New York City and at an ad agency in Washington DC, Andree  moved home to New England and settled in coastal Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Her design clients include an artisan ice cream shop in Kennebunkport, a bakery in Annapolis, an organic skin care line, a hard cider brewery, a charter fishing company, a South American dive resort, musicians needing album cover art, countless brides-to-be, and more. She is an avid equestrian, surfer, skier, and traveler.